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Welcome to my blog. My Twitter bio describes me as: “Single dad, 3 kids (22 & 12yo twins). Eclectic. Woodworker. Cook. Wannabe gardener. Love my kids, my mountains, Michigan football and Detroit Lions & Tigers.” That’s an accurate description when limited to 160 characters. Here, I’ll try to give you a bit more information.

I have been described (multiple times) as an insufferable optimist. I believe optimism, like everything else in life, is a choice. Although my life looks nothing like what I had planned it to be when I was a young lad, I wouldn’t trade it for another.

Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that life can be viewed as a book with chapters and pages. Generally, you know what chapter you’re in and what page you are on, but you don’t know how many pages are in the current chapter or how many chapters are in the book. The only time you don’t know exactly where you are is when your move to a new chapter is not associated with a significant event. But, all chapter transitions can be easily recognized in hindsight.

So far, my chapters include the following (the indented parts are sections within an overall chapter):

  • Growing up: the early years. I grew up in Lincoln Park, MI, just outside of Detroit.
  • The college years: the first time. The University of Michigan.
  • First Marriage. Sydney grew up a few blocks from my house with a city boundary between us. Didn’t meet until we got to college.
  • Being widowed.
    • The college years: the second time. Back to the University of Michigan.
    • The college years: graduate school. The University of Southern California.
  • Second Marriage. After ten years as a widower.
  • Single Dad. After almost 16 years of second marriage.

Each of these will become a category on this blog and various posts will be assigned to one or more of these.

Across these, there are various threads that span multiple chapters. For example, I was on active duty with the US Army for just over ten years. That period spanned from the end of my first time in college to part way through my widower chapter. There’s also the Living in the Country thread that started during the Second Marriage chapter and is still active. This thread has provided lots of entertainment in my life!

Now, aside from all of this, I’m also a very opinionated individual about a lot of things. So, occasionally, this blog will also contain a rant about something or other. Please be patient.